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  • Talent Market Snapshot BPO Industry -Malaysia

    Since the pandemic began, it’s been uncertain whether our daily lives will ever return to the way they were. When Work Life Balance is sought by many, for BPO Talent, Job Security is one of the top priorities. We are also witnessing increased competition for BPO talent in Malaysia with some roles more than doubling in demand since 2020.

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  • Talent Market Snapshot BFSI Industry - Malaysia

    Malaysia’s shifting customer expectations affect not only the way banks serve their customers, but also how they equip their employees with relevant skills to face the increasingly digitalised working environment. Demand growth for key Accounting & Finance roles in Malaysia growth by 140% and transaction for online banking grew by 49% while e-wallet increased by 131%.

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  • What Workers Want To Thrive?

    People don’t just want to survive, they want to thrive. There will be very real risks for employers who are unwilling or unable to stop, listen and take action to attract and retain the very best talent in the most competitive labor market in living memory.

    • Pushing The Flexibility Frontier

    • Rewriting The Rules of Leadership

    • Understanding How We Thrive

    • Empowering Parents

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  • Green Venture Unveiled: A Guide for Employer Transition to Green Industries

    Growing demand for action to address climate change from consumers, investors, and government policymakers will accelerate the need for green business transformation.

    Now Green is the New Blue where employers around the world and across industries are the most interested in recruiting for green roles/skills

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  • Green Careers Unveiled: A Guide for Job Seekers Ready to Make an Impact

    In our ManpowerGroup Global Talent Shortage survey, 70% of employers across various industries expressed their active plans to recruit individuals passionate about environmental sustainability. If you're fascinated but uncertain about where to start, we've got you covered. Here's your guide to navigating the world of green jobs.

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