Beware of Fraudulent Companies

Stay Alert

It has come to our attention that several entities and social media profiles have been collecting placement fees from job seekers. They have been using our branding, logos, office addresses and contact numbers as their business details.

Please note that ManpowerGroup Malaysia is not related to these entities or social media profiles in any way and have not authorized them to use our company details for their dealings.

We wish to inform all job seekers that ManpowerGroup Malaysia and its subsidiary brands, namely Manpower Malaysia, Experis Malaysia, ManpowerGroup Solutions Malaysia and Right Management Malaysia, do not collect any placement fees from our candidates. If you have been contacted by these entities, we advise you to seek the relevant authorities for address.

Fraudulent Entities That We Are Aware of

  • Wise Man Power

  • Foreign Placement Services

  • Facebook Account: Nayana Ramanujan

We are not including links to these entities/profiles to avoid their reach expansion.

Beware of Impersonators/ Impostors

  • eCommerce Job Scam: +601112110570 (pretends to be one of our employees that promotes part-time job. Individuals are lured to sign-up for part-time jobs on spoofed eCommerce platforms).

  • eCommerce Job Scam: +60177926710 (pretends to be one of our employees that promotes part-time jobs on the GoShop platform. Individuals are lured to do tasks on the GoShop platform and then transfer the money into a private mule account). He will ask you to join a Customer Service group where one of them will teach you how to do the task. In the group, they will show you the receipt of the online transfer for the task that has been done by other members for you to believe that they will give you commission/rebates after you complete the task given.

The name of the Customer Service Group name on WhatsApp that they use to invite people and one of their admin will contact you asking for your personal details

  • 001 Manpower GoShop

  • 002 Manpower GoShop

If you want to verify if an entity is affiliated to us, please fill the form below