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Looking for Recruitment Outsourcing? Be Sure to Partner with the Right Recruitment Agency

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Looking For Recruitment Outsourcing? Be Sure to Partner With The Right Recruitment Agency

Firstly, you have probably pointed out that your organization needs an additional range of skills. That is needed to assist with a particular project, to promote growth or to solve problems that none of the current employees would do. In other words, you need to employ more people, but to facilitate this essential process of acquiring talent, you don't have enough internal resources.

At this stage in the hiring process, you will probably be thinking about obtaining assistance from the expert services of a recruitment agency. 

However, with several options available to you, how can you ensure to make the right decision and choose the most appropriate hiring consultant to help you recruit the best talent?

We’ve assembled everything you should consider when selecting the right recruitment agency for your company that will assist you in finding the best talents in the marketplace.  

1) Analyze your business needs and internal recruiting challenges

Before you start looking for a recruitment agency, meet with your team to discuss your business needs as well as the current hiring challenges.

At some point, management and everyone who has a hand in the existing recruitment process of the organization ought to have the chance to contribute to the discussion.

After you have decided on a list of your challenges and needs, rank them by priority. This will serve as your evaluation criteria when contemplating on potential agencies with your team.

2) Do your research about the workforce company

Research agencies in a similar way you would do when assessing a candidate. After all, you want the greatest benefit in return for the costs you pay. Therefore, prior to actually hiring any recruitment consultancy, make a conscious effort to get all your queries answered.

Also, scrutinize their LinkedIn profile for their industry experiences:

  • Is there an indication of their experience in the area you want them to work in?

  • Do they signify as much experience as they claimed in your conversation?

One more important question to add is “Have the agency worked with companies in similar industries and what services did the agency provide”

3) Look for an agency that is specialized in your field

Not all recruitment agencies are the same. As with any competitive marketplace, each corporation has its own strategy to talent acquisition, techniques and philosophy which may or may not be integrated with the brand, objectives or principles of your organization.

One type of recruitment agency that has been expanding over the recent times is the niche agency. Expertise is the core value they give to their clients. Their potent resources and expertise allow them to understand where the purple squirrels are and how to employ them.

Our strategy at ManpowerGroup, for example, is to provide full suite of Innovative Workforce Solutions,

from recruitment, to workforce management, to training and upskilling through our brands that will drive your business forward.

So, there are many ways that agencies differ and separate themselves from one another. What matters, is identifying the attributes that are most compatible with your company and hiring goals.

4) Evaluate Their Terms

Often, recruiting agencies can be very inflexible when it comes to talent procurement contracts and the like. The best recruiters are agile and able to move quickly and creatively in efforts to support your company find and retain the best talents.

Reputable agencies often provide a free replacement guarantee to a candidate who failed to complete the probation period. That is always a plus!

So, ensure that the terms are clear, understandable and that you have read them carefully. Also, insist that the contract agreement is signed by both sides.

5) Candidate pools

The most important part of a recruitment agency is its candidate pool.

  • What candidates are the recruitment agency in contact with? 

  • How suitable are those candidates to your business?

At ManpowerGroup, we have a database full of amazing candidates and ensure these candidates are right for you before they are sent. With over 22 years of networking and contacts, we are pretty sure we will be the right fit for your specific recruitment needs.

6) Costs

How much are you willing to pay? There is no point hiring an agency you cannot afford. Generally, recruitment agencies charge a percentage of the pay rate rather than a fixed fee. This percentage can vary, but it usually starts at about 12% in Malaysia.

Compare the costs of different agencies, but avoid looking only at the price. You have already identified the criteria you are looking in an agency so choose the one that offers the best overall value.

If you are still unsure whether or not your recruitment could be enhanced by the support of a recruitment agency, we are glad to discuss your specific business requirements with you in order to figure out the best hiring route for you. Let us know a bit more about your organization and the sort of job you are looking to fill.

Simply get in touch today and a member of our expert team will gladly contact you for a chat!

19 Oct 2020

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Yoga Kumari Sankar- Prospect & Content Development Executive