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Jobs in Demand during the Pandemic of Covid-19 in Malaysia

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Jobs in Demand during the Pandemic of Covid-19 in Malaysia

Malaysia's unemployment rate is now the highest in a decade at 3.9%, as people saw their livelihoods affected amid COVID-19 and the movement control order (MCO).

However, the job employment market has started to recover with the Recovery MCO (RMCO)in June that enabled the reopening of the private sectors. So, here is what we have learned and can expect during and after COVID-19 to emerge from the employment market.

E-commerce and healthcare leaped to the rescue because, except for essentials, many could not travel outside their homes. We have seen more warehouse workers and packers being employed to accommodate to the ever-increasing demand for e-commerce.

Logistics companies, particularly food deliverers, rocketed in the tens of thousands to match supply and demand. Many took up the mantle of deliveryman as a temporary or side income gig. And, we as a talent provider observed that part-time and contract jobs have increased especially since the nation moved into the recovery MCO.

Alongside demand for delivery drivers, warehouse workers and health professionals, we are also seeing an increase in niche role requirements such as sales/marketing managers, robotic/cyber security engineers, IT/technical roles and significantly more.

Top 3 occupations that are significantly growing in demand?

In particular, IT infrastructure played a crucial role in how companies responded to the disease outbreak and will stay fundamental as new ways of doing things become the norm.

As employers proactively review their activities during the early stages of the pandemic and work on improving or extending their digital systems, roles involving planning, implementing and supporting IT infrastructure will remain critical.


Thanks to COVID and the restrictions on industries in need of physical manpower, the software infrastructure has been growing exponentially.Covid-19 pushed many into experiencing and living in a digital economy on a fast track.

Digital wallets, digital shops and many other activities in the post-Covid-19 "contactless" economy help people maintain their standard of living and lifestyles while adapting to the new normal.

Thus, cyber security will be the new frontline post COVID-19, with analysts and penetration testers rising in demand, patrolling against the rise of digital forgery, counterfeiting and cyberattacks in both public and private sectors.


Since companies need to communicate with their customers during these uncertain times, there’s been a spike in demand for communications & content specialists. Employers are looking for people who can quickly adapt to a new role and assist them in getting their message across at this time.

Digital marketers are in significantly higher demand right now as corporations move to digital portals to find clients and potential revenue streams that will enable them to remain afloat during the crisis.

One of the benefits of having a job in marketing is that you would typically have skills that are transferable between industries, making you quite the commodity. This enables one to switch from an industry that might not be doing so well during and after the pandemic, to one that’s thriving.


Many organizations are experiencing a sales downturn during COVID-19, particularly, non-essential businesses in other sectors are feeling the pinch as consumers scale back and focus their spending on securing basic necessities. As a consequence, B2C and B2B sales representatives are in high demand, including business development specialists who are able to find the balance between boosting sales and delicately managing this crisis.

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