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​8 Technical Skills that Will Help You Stand Out from the Rest

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8 Technical Skills that Will Help You Stand Out from the Rest

With the continued competition in job searching, individuals need to develop skills that would make them stand out when applying for job positions. To help your resume stand out, candidates are forced into gaining knowledge and expertise in technical skills.

Some of the fields that require technical experience include IT, STEM, Finance, analysis of complex data, and even programming. To be recognized with technical skills, individuals are expected to have experience and knowledge of the required field.


Technical graduates can save training costs and resources for employers as they do not require much training to help develop specific qualifications. With specialized experience, individuals are able to help provide outstanding customer requirements. Without a doubt having technical experience would help you stand out while applying for job positions with much extra pay compared to a normal graduate.


Below are some of the most common technical skills that graduates need to have knowledge of in order to stand out in the competition.


1. Programming

Programming is not for developers alone. Graduates entering the IT field need to have the basic knowledge of coding to help support clients and coordinate ongoing projects. There are several online programming boot camps to help you get started on courses such as intro to python, r for data science, java course, etc. With programming skills, graduates are able to stand out in their job applications.


2. Project Management

In most industries, coordinating resources, workers, and project is a skill that almost all companies need. This is what most companies associates to project management, and it’s used in the companies departments.


Having project management skills allows you to deliver resources appropriately and deploy required workers to specific fields under the appropriate budgets. With project management skills, individuals can save company resources and come up with future resolutions helping upscale the general work environment of an organization.


3. Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

Business intelligence is one of the vital skills that organizations look for. With data analysis, businesses are able to predict market trends and help realize what their competitors do differently. Big data analysis allows companies to segment data it manageable sectors.

With business intelligence skills and data analysis, individuals are able to make sense of market development requirements allowing companies to operate efficiently, bringing in revenues and more opportunities.


4. Data Information Security

The demand for IT security specialists is in high demand due to the development of technology and digital solutions. In case of a data breach, organizations are at a high risk of losing customers and even the company reputation.


Information security involves gaining knowledge to identify IT and data loopholes vulnerabilities and come up with ways to manage them. Having these skills helps add value to your CV.


5. Social Media Marketing

Marketing covers a wide range of technicalities with the improvisation of soft skills and digital use, focusing on increasing a company's market sales and reaching out to more clients. Having the opportunity to have both social media and online marketing skills allows your resume to stand out while applying for sales positions.


6. Accounting and Financing

Acquiring accounting skills puts you in a position that most companies need. Accounting skills requirements depend on the kind of company. An international organization's accounting expertise differs from those of a local organization, but having accounting experience puts you in a better position when applying for a finance or accounting job role. Skills such as Microsoft dynamic or auditing are applicable in almost all niches of the organization's accounts department.


7. Business Analysis

In every business, decision-making matters almost up to 100% of the continuation of the company. Business analysts are the key decision-makers in every organization, and having business analysis skills puts you at the top of the market.


Some of the most used business analyst skills that have a wide application today include AWS services and software, Microsoft access, data analysis, and modeling.


8. Technical Writing

In all organizations, there is a need for a technical writer to explain complex things in a manner that is understandable to everyone. Being in a position to put out technical information so that it can be presented to media press, clients, or manufacturers puts you in a better position while applying for a job position.


Having the technical knowledge to perform specific task puts you in a top position anytime you apply for a role.

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