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Should You Still Apply For A Job If You Don't Meet The Requirements?

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​Should You Still Apply For A Job If You Don't Meet The Requirements?

No one fits  job requirements 100% all the time, and there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Keep in mind that many organizations employ for cultural fit instead of hard skills, and that many "requirements" in a specified job posting are actually nice-to-haves.

If you only look for a job where you are a great fit, you might have a long journey to the top. If you thoroughly examine a job advertisement, you will be amazed at how many aspects you are likely to align with. 

How will you grow when you only look for jobs that are a great fit for your current skills?

Please note that it's not always about what you've done, but about what you've indicated you're competent of doing and willingness to acquire new skills

Apply for jobs that you desire!

When you see a profession that you are eligible for but are not a better match for, and it is in your desired area, apply for it! If there are significant gaps, assess and prepare to demonstrate how other core competencies compensate or supplement for the lacking expertise. What's the harm in applying?  If you don't get it, you may still potentially gain some interview experiences.

Be results-oriented!

Focus your CV and, subsequently, the interview on the profound contribution you have had with former employers. If the prospective employer believes you are capable of achieving results consistently, he or she may be more willing to forego the absence criteria. Prepare to demonstrate specific achievements in your employment record that correspond with what the company is searching for, and use quantifiable data to show those achievements.

Explore the depths!

Go beyond your noticeable professional responsibilities and achievements as you reconfigure your resume and cover letter. Your first point of emphasis should be on transferable skills. Consider your overall expertise and skill, from project planning to collaborate with tricky personalities, and bundle it all in a way that emphasizes your competence.

Start interacting with your networks!

Don’t only look for jobs on the open market that others get to see. Your chances of finding a job in this manner are slim. Majority of people seek employment through their network. Hence, develop a personal branding plan that details the sort of position you want as well as companies in which you have a desire to participate and believe there is a fit. Engage with people who may be able to make introductions at prospective employers.

Show your willingness to learn!

An eagerness to learn is an excellent way to demonstrate your dedication to an organization or position. Employers will indeed notice that you have the desire, self-discipline, and enthusiasm to improve your knowledge and competencies.

If you're keen in jobs that require or prefer specific skills or experience that you don't have, do some research to see if you can attend courses or obtain certifications to develop these skill sets. Communicating these newly gained qualifications in the interview can help you stand out from the rest and demonstrate your commitment to developing on your positive aspects.


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