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2022 Labour Landscape Trends: The Great Realization Report: Accelerating Trends, Renewed Urgency

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The Great Realization Report: Accelerating Trends, Renewed Urgency


2022 has the potential to be one of the most transformative years in recent history. From workers taking more control of their professional lives to the seemingly never-ending struggle of employers to recruit and retain talent to the rapid acceleration of digital adoption to businesses realizing they need to become more sophisticated; several trends have emerged that will impact organizations of every size and the people who work for them.
It’s those transformative emerging trends that are the focus of ManpowerGroup’s latest report and look at the 2022 labor landscape, The Great Realization: Accelerating Trends, Renewed Urgency identifies the top 20 trends that will shape the world of work throughout the course of the year and beyond.  

​While these topic areas and the respective trends within each are not new, they have taken on a renewed urgency as we continue to transition to the next phase of what the new normal looks like. These 20 trends, and what they mean for the future of work and workers, represent the tipping point for what we see on the horizon in terms of how businesses around the world will need to evolve and adapt in order to operate in this new era of normal. Change is constant, and no organization is immune to the way the current playbook is being rewritten.  

For more information about the top 20 trends for the 2022 labor landscape, download Full Report

The Great Realization: Accelerating Trends, Renewed Urgency