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  • Globally, employers in 42 of the 43 countries and territories surveyed expect to grow payrolls during the third quarter of 2021, including six of the seven Asia Pacific countries

  • Strongest hiring prospects are reported in the U.S. (+25%), Taiwan (+24%) and Australia (+17%) for the Asia Pacific, the weakest in Argentina (+1%), Panama (+1%), and South Africa (+1%)

  • The most difficult positions to fill include Operations and Logistics, Manufacturing & Production and IT

KUALA LUMPUR (JUNE 08, 2021) – According to the latest ManpowerGroup (NYSE-MAN) Employment Outlook Survey of over 45,000 employers in 43 countries, a post-pandemic hiring boom is on the horizon; with intentions at the most optimistic level since the beginning of the pandemic, with outlooks improving in 31 out of 43 countries when compared with the previous quarter. Yet that optimism is being tempered by the highest levels of global talent shortages in 15 years with 69% of employers reporting difficulty-filling vacancies. As childcare challenges, health concerns, and unemployment support programs continue, employers report the most difficulty filling roles that cannot be done remotely.

More than 10,000 employers in the seven Asia Pacific countries and territories took part in the ManpowerGroup survey on hiring prospects for the July to September time frame. Employers in six of the seven countries and territories expect to add to payrolls during the next three months, while a flat labor market is expected in one. In comparison with the prior quarter, hiring plans to strengthen in three countries (China, Japan, and Hong Kong) and weaken in three (Taiwan, Singapore, and India)

  • Compared with all other regions, 15% of APAC employers plan to have employees work remotely all of the time, compared with just 5% in EMEA and 3% in the Americas

  • Half of employers in APAC are the most optimistic about a return to pre-pandemic hiring levels by the end of 2022 (49%)

  • China reports one of its strongest outlooks in years. Its Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector outlook of +19% is the strongest reported since 2013


View the complete Q3 2021 ManpowerGroup Employment Survey results:


The Chinese labor market is forecast to make a strong recovery from the impact of the pandemic during the coming quarter, with employers reporting the strongest hiring intentions in six years. Workforce gains are expected in all six Chinese industry sectors, with the strongest hiring sentiment reported in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, Services, Manufacturing, and the Wholesale & Retail Trade sectors – Outlooks for these four sectors are also the strongest reported in at least six years.

For the fourth consecutive quarter, the strongest hiring climate in the Asia Pacific region is expected in Taiwan, fueled in part by bright hiring plans for the Mining & Construction sector and a brisk hiring pace in the Manufacturing sector, where the Outlook for the coming quarter is the strongest in six years.

However, Hong Kong employers expect the subdued labor market to continue during the next three months, forecasting flat hiring activity overall, although limited payroll growth is expected in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, and Services sectors.

In India, employers expect a modest increase in payrolls during the upcoming quarter, although hiring sentiment is slightly weaker when compared with the prior quarter, reflecting the ongoing impact of COVID-19 in the country. While the Manufacturing sector labor market continues to be relatively stable, the Services sector is slightly weaker when compared to the prior quarter and the Outlook in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector is the weakest since the survey began in 2005.

The upbeat hiring pace in Australia is expected to continue during the July to September period. The strongest hiring prospects in 10 years are reported by employers in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector while the Services sector forecast improves sharply year-over-year. Elsewhere, the Mining & Construction sector is the strongest in more than two years following four consecutive quarters of improvement.

Steady payroll growth is anticipated in Singapore for a third consecutive quarter, driven in part by an active labor market in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector where employers report the strongest Outlook in more than six years and a steep increase year-over-year in the Services sector, while the Manufacturing sector forecast is the strongest in nine years.

Job seekers in Japan can expect a fair hiring pace in the next three months, according to employers who report a moderate increase in hiring prospects when compared with the previous quarter. Hiring sentiment strengthens in all seven Japanese industry sectors when compared with three months ago, most notably in the Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail Trade and Services sectors.

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Global Hiring Plans by other Region

AMERICAS: All ten countries report positive employment outlooking for the forthcoming quarter

  • The most positive hiring intentions are reported in the U.S. (+25%), - its strongest outlook in 21 years - followed by Costa Rica (+9%) and Guatemala (+9%)

  • The weakest outlooks are reported in Panama (+1%), Argentina (+1%), and Peru (+2%)

  • One quarter (24%) of employers in the Americas were concerned about the impact of remote work on the productivity of employees

  • In the U.S., the strongest sector is anticipated in Leisure & Hospitality where the bullish outlook of +41% is the strongest since the sector was first analyzed separately in 2009

EMEA: Hiring plans strengthen in 22 countries, weaken in two (Czech Republic and Turkey)

  • The strongest hiring intentions are reported in Ireland (+15%), Greece (+15%) and Croatia (+14%), with the weakest in Spain (+4%), the Czech Republic (+4%) and South Africa (+1%)

  • Nearly half (45%) of EMEA employers expect hiring levels to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022

  • As lockdown restrictions lift, in the UK, the Hotels & Retail sector outlook is the strongest in two years, standing at +8%


To view complete results for the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, visit


The next survey will be released on September 07 2021 and will report hiring expectations for Q4 2021.

The Employment Outlook Survey – conducted April 2021 – is the most comprehensive, forward-looking employment survey of its kind, used globally as a key economic indicator. The Net Employment Outlook is derived by taking the percentage of employers anticipating an increase in hiring activity and subtracting from this the percentage of employers expecting a decrease in hiring activity.

*Talent Shortage – undertaken in January 2021 – is a survey of 42,000 global employers. It identifies the proportion of employers who report difficulty-filling positions in their organization. It reports on which jobs employers say are most difficult to fill, and identifies candidate shortcomings that are preventing employers from filling positions. Employers are also asked to gauge the degree of impact talent shortages have on their organizations and which strategies they are using to overcome the skills gap.


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