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Job Hunting With Agencies

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Job Hunting With Agencies & Portals

The competition in the market is intense and finding a job has become tougher than ever especially in this pandemic time. Many people losing their job and it is also a hard time for job seekers and fresh graduates to look for jobs.

However, no matter which career stage you are in, having correct guidance and support through your job search can create a huge difference. It can help you land in a perfect role. Out of various accessible options, one of the best available is to take advantage of the reputed recruitment agencies.

Are you thinking about how it would be helpful? Here are a few insights to begin with.

What is A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies, also known as employment companies help match the job vacancies to suitable candidates. These firms work directly with other companies to offer the best fit for their vacant positions.

The recruitment consultants source new opportunities optimize CVs and shortlist the best suitable candidates. Once a candidate is shortlisted, they guide him and provide pointers to prepare for the interview.

They are mainly accountable to streamline the job-seeking process and provide the best fit for a vacant position.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

While each recruitment agency may have its specialized process of working, the basis for all remains the same.

  1. On the initial level, the agency receives a job description from the organization having an open position.

  2. After receiving the job requirement and going through it in detail the agency sources candidates. This is done by searching the resumes of the candidates that are the best fit for the job requirements. The searching includes various applications from their websites, social media, referrals, or maybe offline applications where they receive a hard-copy resume from career fairs or people that come to their office to submit the profiles.

  3. Upon collecting profiles, agencies will go through a rigorous process of shortlisting profiles that best fit client requirements. This could be done through phone interviews, online meetings, assessments, or a combination of all.

  4. After that agencies typically submit the best profiles to their client company and provides a brief of why this individual is suitable
    for the role.

  5. The client then asks the agency to arrange as well as coordinate an interview between the company and the candidate or the agencies will interview the candidates for the company.

  6. Once the client company selects the individuals, who according to them would be the best options for the job, the agency then facilitates the hiring process.

How To Reach Recruitment Agencies?

Although in many cases agencies come directly to the candidate, you don’t have to wait for them. Consider registering on their websites, connecting to their recruiters online and, calling them. You need to identify agencies that have a job opportunity that is ideal for you.

Connect to their consultants on LinkedIn and develop rapport by explaining your career goals and exploring opportunities they share with you.

Recruitment consultants will act as an intermediary between employers and you. They will act on your behalf for free and help you with interview preparation by offering tips related to the particular opportunity.

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

Agencies have in-depth knowledge of the field and can offer detailed information to you about the company, job profile, and other essential details. Reputable agencies will offer you all guidance and support to prepare for the interview. It would offer you tips to crack the interview in the best way. In addition, they would offer you details about the culture and history of the company.

They can offer you other benefits such as:

  • Connecting you with a network of employers

  • Advice on CVs and interviews

  • Sharing constructive feedback from employers and each interview

  • Updating you on the final result

  • Specialist advice in a specific field. Offering you with more relevant job roles

Beware of Fraudulent Recruitment Agencies

If they are asking you for money or any front payment for you to get the job so that is, some people who are using you for their evil job scheme. Reputable recruitment agencies will never ask for your money for you to get into the job that you had been offered to

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