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Getting Over Job Rejections

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Getting Over Job Rejections​

No one enjoys getting turned down for a job, and if you’ve done a lot of preparation for a role that you really wanted, it can be harder still to accept rejection. But with the right mindset, you can turn the experience into a career development opportunity.

Here’s how…

Change of mindset

Handling rejection is never easy but it offers valuable opportunities to discover more about yourself and enhance your search techniques. The more rejections you get, the closer you are to an offer. Good things are worth fighting for. With persistence, your dream job could be around the corner.

Stay positive and don't take it personally

Don’t regard a job rejection as a statement about you personally. Rather, focus on the next opportunity – it could take you one step closer to your dream role. Remember that you’re not the only candidate with the right education and skill set.

Ask for detailed feedback

Follow up with the hiring manager to ask how you can improve for the future. If the feedback feels generic, don’t be afraid to ask for a more detailed assessment. Incorporating this learning into your job search process, you’ll be able to continuously improve and position yourself as a stronger candidate.

Stay connected with the company that turned you down

Send an email thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to have interviewed with the organization, even though you may not have been a fit for the position. This shows a high level of professionalism and leaves the door open to the chance of working with the company down the road.

Keep your job search momentum till you have accepted a position

Continue to stay in touch with your network of professional contacts and maintain contact with your recruitment professionals. Overcoming obstacles in your career path will increase your chances of landing the right role.

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