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CVs To Stand Out - Tips For Career Changers

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CVs To Stand Out - Tips For Career Changers

If you are looking to make a career change, then you need a CV that demonstrates how your skills can transition into a new industry. You need to attract recruiters’ attention with a clear CV structure that displays your transferable skills showcasing why you’d be ideal for the sector you’re pursuing. This comprehensive guide will give you the tools to write a CV that stands out from the crowd.

Your CV should emphasise your key strengths, allowing recruiters to easily navigate your experience and pinpoint your relevancy for new opportunities.

Explain your objectives

Highlight what type of job you're seeking. You can use this space to make it clear how your former career has provided you with the skills you need in your new field, and for this job in particular.

Position past experiences in a positive way

A successful career-change CV clearly shows how your career path to date is a consistent progression of your talents, emphasising how the experience you gained could support your career change. It would be fantastic if you can include qualitative data to support your claims.

Transferable skills should be highlighted at the top

Don’t be tempted to list skills you are not truly adept at because recruiters see hundreds of resumes and they are not easily fooled. Identify your transferable skills. Start by getting to know your new industry. Read job descriptions and industry news to gain a sense of the skills that employers require.

Courses and Training

Document qualifications or courses you have obtained, especially those most linked to your career change. Start with recent online courses, workshops, training sessions, or part-time studies you have undertaken to enhance your skills.

Differentiate yourself

Your past experiences can give you a competitive edge! Most people applying for the job will have similar backgrounds. However since you are making a career change, you are different. Remember to show that you can bring new perspectives to the role and provide non-traditional points of view.

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