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Success Story in the ICT Industry with Talent Solutions Talent Based Outsourcing

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  • The client faced high attrition rate

  • High rates of leaves

  • Some people couldn’t understand agent’ ascents

  • The Client wasn’t meeting SLAs

  • The Client was about to lose their project with the customer


  • Moved from Contingent workforce to Talent Based Outsourcing, Service Provider Managed End to End

  • Placed Manager and an onsite team to work closely with client and Service Provider associates

  • Placed foreign candidates as customer service representatives (Japanese)

  • Properly addressed the issue of non-performing agents

  • Improved agent performance that was reflected in greeter efficiency via engagement


  • The client managed to hit SLAs for their customer

  • The client secured the project for another 5 years

  • Attrition reduce from 25% to 10%

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