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CVs To Stand Out - Tips for Fresh Grads

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​CVs To Stand Out - Tips for Fresh Grads

If you’re in your final year, the beginning of your professional life is almost here. And, creating your first graduate CV may feel like a daunting task because you may be unsure of where to begin. You’re not alone; plenty of your peers will have this same dilemma.

Remember, your CV must construct a narrative about yourself. By which we mean that you should select an ‘image’ of yourself (or persona) that you want to promote. As mentioned before, we will not re-iterate what has been shared many times about CV structure or sections. We are sharing tips that can help you stand out:

Provide contact information and a link to your LinkedIn profile at the top

Keep them brief and make sure they don't take up too much space because the employer will not be using these piece of information to assess your suitability for the role. Remember, “If something doesn’t add value to your CV, leave it out” such as date of birth/age/marital status.

Leave out the professional summary

Unlike those with several years of experience, fresh grads don’t have enough relevant work to warrant a summary. Instead, their resumes should immediately focus on internships, key accomplishments, education and extracurricular activities

Outline your skills and possible value contribution to the employer

As a fresh grad, what value you can bring to the employer? Include a section of key skills that you acquired during your studies and internships that are relevant to the role you're pursuing. If you can showcase possible contributions for this particular employer, that’s perfect!

Internships, projects, and gigs

Chances are, you may not have that much previous work history to include. Try to match the competencies in the job description and give examples of the most relevant internships, projects, and gigs you were involved in. Consider putting in your volunteering experience too.

Paint a picture of your personality

List hobbies that demonstrate your qualifications for the job or are very unique. These can be interesting conversation starters during the initial interview 'small talk'.

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