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Success Story in the Health Care Industry with Talent Solutions Talent Based Outsourcing

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  • The client was not able to manage the sales personnel that was located at different locations in Malaysia

  • Client had to manage via different distributors as well sales personnel and this took a lot of time from the managers – there was no focal team or focal point


  • Proposed Managed Services, Manpower to manage all the sales team with a dedicated Team manager

  • Transition existing team to manpower – expand team

  • Dedicated Team Manager- managing the team, sales, reports and HR matters


  • Managers with Client had a focal point, more focus

  • HC 32 work in progress to reach 40

  • Sales team is meeting targets

  • Team was managed more efficiently – streamlined process, each sales personnel had more dedicated time and progress on sales was monitored more closely

  • Manpower had the opportunity to expand the same model to a different sales entity

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