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How to Nail Your First Impression With HR/Hiring Managers?

14 Things To Do Before Your Job Interview

How To Nail Your First Impression With HR/Hiring Managers?

“Interviews are all about making a good first impression”. First impression is the initial factor to consider or judgment a HR/Hiring Manager makes about who you are after their first interaction with you.

There are few factors that can affect the employers’ first impression of you, such as:

  • how you look, 

  • what you wear, 

  • how you speak and 

  • your overall emotional state. 

When you are looking for a new role, how you present yourself on your application or a CV and during an interview can all influence the recruiter and hiring managers' first impression of who you are.

So, check out these few suggestions before you step into your interview to ensure you're presenting yourself in the proper perspective and setting up for the most successful interview possible.

DRESS & GROOM PROFESSIONALLY (even if the interview is online)

Appearance is incredibly important when making a first impression. Turning up dressed appropriately is an indication of your professionalism which proves that you are taking this job application sincerely. 

Don’t overdress; don’t underdress either.

👨‍💼 👩‍💼 Wear business attire if you’re looking for an office-based job. E.g.: office clerk, customer service representative, executive assistant, accounts payable clerk, office manager. Meanwhile for other professions, the outfit must be appropriate for the role you’re applying for.

Whatever outfits you plan to wear, make sure that it looks neat and presentable. The clothes are not supposed to be too tight or too exposing. It is also crucial to ensure you are well-groomed with good hygiene, a professional hairdo, and good breath (brushed teeth).

Note that chances are your hiring manager will not only be evaluating your answers but also if you'd be a good representative of the company when meeting their business clients.

✖️ Avoid unnecessary distractions - disruptive jewelries (for females), overwhelming fragrance, too many hand gestures or having your meat caught between your teeth can be distracting for interviewers and may make it difficult for them to concentrate on what you are saying.



Your goal should be about 🕔 10-15 minutes early of your scheduled time for the interview. This time is needed for you to use the restroom before heading into the interview and also required for completing any necessary documentation/preparation BEFORE the interview.

Running late? Call as quickly as possible to let your interviewers know. They’ll appreciate it than you providing a lame excuse after they've already been waiting for 30 minutes.


Even though a job hunter might feel confident on the inside, their body language could tell a completely different story.

THE HANDSHAKE 🤝 - Aim for a firm handshake(but not bone-crushing), and as you shake, make eye contact and smile confidently.

BE MINDFUL OF YOUR POSTURE - Good posture gives an impression of confidence and professionalism. You should also be sure to maintain eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview.


Prior to your interview;

  • research the company and know what they do, 

  • what your responsibility would be in the position you are applying for, 

  • what the company’s core values are and how you can add value to the company

Showing you have done your homework can leave the hiring manager with the impression that you are serious about the position you have applied to.


You can be assured that, the recruiter/hiring manager will request for a copy of your updated resume & other supporting documents within the first few minutes of your interview. You’re going to look a little chaotic if you have to drill through your bag searching for it. 

Thus, you should be able to pull out your CV & other important documents on prompt to make the best first impression. The best way is to carry a binder to hold your resume copies.

With so many to choose from, employers can be very selective in hiring the talents they need. These hints on how to make a good first impression at a job interview cannot promise you a job, but they can certainly get you a little closer. 

Don’t you think it is time to try? Good luck, then!

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Yogakumari Sankar- Prospect & Content Development Executive