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Chase work life balance while working remotely

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Chase Work Life Balance While Working Remotely

New reality, new way of living! And what does that mean for employees who are lucky enough to be able to work remotely? Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of working remotely, as it provides a flexible schedule to take good care of work and personal responsibilities.

Even with this flexibility sometimes comes immense pressure because it might be more of a work-life shuffle, especially for parents with kids– sending emails while your kids having their online class or having a video call with the team/clients while cooking lunch.

You fit stuff where you can, while still ensuring that it gets done with acceptable quality.

So, how to balance work and life in a remote setup?

Finding work-life balance is all about prioritization. Planning and scheduling, time management, communication channels, and being organized help you manage your workday. In this way the tasks on your to-do list can be completed faster.

Here are some work-life balance tips for a healthy relationship between your professional and personal life.

🧘‍♀️ Exercise

First of all, I have honestly found it difficult to maintain my level of exercise in my experience of working from home. It has become clear to me that I need to prioritize my health more.

I have realized, scheduling a workout into my diary promotes my well-being and essential for someone who works from home to boost energy & release stress.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Yoga –my absolute preferred workout

  • Squats

  • Plank

  • Push ups

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials online that offer guidance, and it could be a good idea to follow along so that you remain motivated.

💻 Have a specific workspace 

Try to build your little private desk or office that are free from distractions to stay focused & most importantly, choose a spot where you're able to work comfortably and productively.

📅 Create a schedule & stick to it

Creating (and adhering to) a regular work schedule and logging off at the end of your scheduled time can help you maintain productivity and ease some of the stress that comes from working all the time.

This way, your team will know exactly when they can and cannot reach you, and you'll be able to plan personal activities during your day outside of work.

📖 Make a to do list to prioritize your tasks each day

Curating to-do lists are helpful to ensure that you’re being productive and accomplishing what needs to be done in your role each day. Physically crossing tasks and projects off a to-do list can be gratifying.

🍛 Take proper lunch 

When I first started working from home, I took full advantage of eating snacks all day since the fridge is only a few steps away from my working space. This way, more often than not, I skipped my lunch and it wasn’t great for my productivity (not healthy either).

So, by setting aside an hour lunchtime for yourself & eating a proper and healthy meal will help you to nourish yourself and recharge for the rest of the afternoon to stay productive.

Take breaks throughout the day

Remember to give yourself a little space between outputs. Take a couple of minutes away from your desk or computer for a…

  • Cup of coffee/snacks to feel refreshed

  • Have a call to chit chat with your friends/closed ones

  • Take a nap if you feel that’s what you need even if it is a short 20 min nap

  • Take a walk - you can stand up, stretch, and get a quick dose of Vitamin D to feel energized 

🙅‍♀️ Disconnect at the end of the day

You made it & it’s now the end of your work day! If you're a remote worker seeking a little more work-life balance, make plans for your after-work hours, and stick to them. This may include:

  • Happy hour drinks with your family/friends

  • Baking/cooking dinner

This will help you mentally switch to "home mode" by getting you focused on a different activity, thereby relaxing your mind.

Working remotely does have its fair proportion of (really great) advantages, but that doesn’t mean there won’t beany challenges as you adapt to this new way of working.

Even if you have been working remotely for months, the additional burdens of having children at home and a full household can make it more difficult to work remotely.

Thus, keeping your work-life balance in mind as you continue making a significant and productive contribution to your career integrates the best outcome.