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​6 Tips to Excel in Video Interview

Video Interview

6 Tips to Excel in Video Interview

Video interview will give you experience from a different perspective than a normal face to face interview.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, hunting for a job can be a challenging experience. There are companies that still hiring and seeking workers to work such as in the essential services.

Job interviews are looking a bit different right now as during the Restriction Movement Order (RMO) or Movement Control Order (MCO) that we are having make the interview gone fully digital.

Even though we are dealing with the coronavirus, people are still getting business done via the internet with platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype and WebEx.

One of my friends asked, what to do if the interviewer or hiring manager wants to do a video interview?

There are few tips that can help you to excel in a video interview.

1.  Test out your technology

Do you know what kind of platform that the hiring manager will be using for the interview? It’s a good idea if you test out the technology first to familiarize yourself with the software being used for the interview. Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts are some common platforms right now.

You also need to check your speakers and microphone. Do they work properly? Make sure you are coming across clear and loud with no static.

When you want to test the camera, it’s the time that you’ll find if your environment is properly lit and away from distractions.

You might need a strong internet connection for the video conferencing to avoid lag in the interview session.


2.  Don’t show up late

Traffic delays, accident will not apply as excuses in video interview as you’re dialling into the interview remotely.

It’s important to be early to your online interview as it might take some time to open your computer, to log in and ensure that your internet connection is good. Tardiness is a no in every interview.


3.  Find out the best lighting

It’s the time for you to look at your best and a great lighting can help. You have to make sure that the place that you sit for the interview should have ample light to light up around you as well.

A ‘ring light’ or ‘selfie light’ can help to boost your complexion and give you an evenly lit face with minimal shadows.

You can put the light behind your computer or you can let the natural light get through your face while video interviewing by facing the light.

Make sure it’s the soft light in the morning not the evening of afternoon light that can make your face sweaty.


4.  Check your outfit

You will never know if your hiring manager or recruiter will ask to stand up and grab something during the interview so please wear interview clothes from head to toe.

Sometimes, it can be smart casual instead of formal but please wear pants or you will reveal your mismatched bottoms. I know that it’s tempting to wear a blouse or shirt with a pyjama bottoms but who knows if they will ask you to stand up.

You can view yourself through the webcam to make sure that your outfit looks professional on the camera.


5.  Making good eye contact

Eye contact is very important in every interviews. If you want to have good eye contact while in video interview, you should try looking straight to the camera when speaking as often as possible.

It would show that you’re engaging with the interviewer more than being distracted by what’s happening on your screen.

It might be weird if you’re looking straight to the camera while talking but if you’re looking on the screen, you’re not actually making eye contact as you’re focusing on the interviewer’s face instead of the eyes.

This will give your interviewer the sense that you’re engaged and not distracted by what’s happening on your screen.


6.  Listen attentively and maintain good posture

It’s important to listen to the interviewer even though it’s an online interview. In fact, listen carefully to the interviewer and pause before speaking to avoid cutting in. Pay close attention to what interviewer is saying. Keep your mind from drifting off.

Body language is crucial as it can convey a lot of things about you. Sitting up straight in your chair gives an automatic signal of positivity. Your feet should be on the ground, hands in your lap at a time, avoid slouching and fiddling.

You can move your fingers while you speak such as touching your fingertips, clasping palm to show the sign of honesty and openness.


Having work stories ready about your accomplishments also can help you in video interviews. Many times employers are asking situational questions, and you will need these stories to answer them appropriately. Write out your answers to questions in advance so that you can be ready to answer when you’re staring at them online.

Remember to be respectful and remain professional personal attitude towards the interviewer. Don’t forget to nod your head as you’re listening, maintain the eye contact, use hand gestures to express yourself and no slouching. Best of luck for your interview.

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17 April 2020

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