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8 Reasons for Boosting Your Recruitment & Hiring Activities During Lockdown in Malaysia

8 Reasons

8 Reasons for Boosting Your Recruitment & Hiring Activities During Lockdown in Malaysia

With current the lockdown in Malaysia, some might think that it is the wrong time to recruit and hire new staff.

Yet talent scarcity is not going to stop just because of Covid-19 and companies who are delaying interviews because they can’t meet candidates face to face will be missing out!

Our Country Manager Sam Haggag shares this view:

"Forward looking companies are not letting the lockdown get in the way of selecting talent, they’re using Skype / Teams & Zoom to conduct interviews and making hiring decisions. Some of them are even hiring despite the fact that staff cannot be physically in the office.


There’s a new era of looking at attracting and retaining talent and companies that are not moving with the times are going to miss out.

Here is a list of 8 advantages you could get from boosting your talent acquisition activities right now:

1. Faster candidates’ turnaround

Since everyone in Malaysia is required to stay at home, many people are no longer required to deliver on certain commitments. We generally have more free time now.

Therefore, candidates are likely to be available for interviews and recruitment procedures quicker than usual.

2. Higher candidates’ commitment

Candidates understand that companies right now might be selective. Therefore, they are likely to treat every opportunity more seriously.

They will keep in mind that available vacancies could be strategic in nature and consequently showcase higher commitment to the recruitment process.

3. Streamlined processes

Because many of us are working from home, organizations had to put in place policies to facilitate operations despite this condition.

In most cases decisions are made faster, with less reliance on paper work and with speed that technology enables us to have.

As a result, your recruitment process and hiring decisions are likely to be streamlined and provide a better experience for candidates and hiring managers.

4. Lower competition for in-demand talent

Since some companies might reconsider their hiring plans, you can on the other hand use this to your advantage.

With the temporary reduced competition for in demand talent, your organization could use this time to get the crème talent from the market.

5. Strong employer branding opportunity

If you see a company hiring during these difficult times, chances are you will develop a positive image of their employer branding.

Combine that with lower competition for in demand talent, and your organization will have a very good foothold to attract candidates now and also post COVID-19.

You want to outpace competition for building you recruitment pipeline because once things settle down, other employers might go for a hiring spree.

6. Internal morale booster

In the times when many articles are painting a gloomy picture, showcasing to your staff that the future is bright and that you are building for consistent growth, can be a very strong morale booster.

Demonstrating that your company is recruiting talent in these challenging times is a sign of stability and growth. This fact could serve as a strong morale booster for your existing team.

7. Back fill vacant positions

Some people in your company have undoubtedly been assigned with higher responsibilities due to the COVID outbreak. They might be deserving promotions at this point but what about the responsibilities they were handling prior to the outbreak?

Who will be executing on those operations now that the role has evolved?

Recruiting new joiners might be the right approach to address this issue. That will also showcase strong leadership and appreciation for existing staff who have gone beyond their preassigned responsibilities to support the organization in these unprecedented times.

8. Competitive price for recruitment services

As an active member of the community, we understand the challenges that employers are going through right now.

To support you we are open for free consultations on your workforce needs and for developing custom workforce solutions at a competitive rate.

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27 March 2020

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