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Green Careers Unveiled: A Guide for Job Seekers Ready to Make an Impact

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Green Careers Unveiled: A Guide for Job Seekers Ready to Make an Impact

Are you ready to dive into a career that not only pays the bills but also makes a positive impact on the environment? You're not alone. With the green transition picking up speed, recruiters and hiring managers all over the planet Earth are starting to speed up their green talent acquisition and upskilling efforts. In our ManpowerGroup Global Talent Shortage survey, 70% of employers across various industries expressed their active plans to recruit individuals passionate about environmental sustainability. If you're fascinated but uncertain about where to start, we've got you covered. Here's your guide to navigating the world of green jobs.

Discover Your Green Niche

Based on our A People-First Green Business Transformation Global Insight White Paper, green jobs come in various shades, from roles that already contribute to environmental sustainability to new positions that require cutting-edge skills to accelerate positive change. The key is to identify where your skills align and where you can make the most impact. Examining the landscape of green jobs from the perspective of shifting skills is beneficial. There are well-known green jobs, such as solar panel installers and wind turbine technicians. They support environmental sustainability and call for green skills, but those don't change quickly.

Greening jobs are current positions that require more substantial skill modifications to have a greater environmental effect. Automotive mechanics and engineers are among the examples because of the continuous electrification of vehicles. Lastly, Green+ jobs are new positions that call for a wide range of new competencies. Emerging technologies like hydrogen technology and direct carbon capture, for instance, will provide Green+ jobs that do not exist today.

Definition of the Different Shades of Green Job

Where the Green Jobs Are

The demand for green talent is booming. Based on our A People-First Green Business Transformation survey, industries like Energy & Utilities lead the charge with an impressive 81% actively seeking green professionals. Manufacturing & Production, Operations & Logistics, and Information Technology are also hotspots for green job opportunities, making up 36%, 31%, and 30% of the recruitment intentions, respectively. There is Green Jobs Malaysia Portal was developed by the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) in 2021. It embraces a unique feature as it offers vacancies that mainly focus on environmental sustainability. To support government initiatives and our announced ambition to train, upskill, or place as many as 10 million people for green jobs by 2030 we also offer green jobs on our website.

Bridging the Perception Gap: Your Green Story Matters

Despite the demand, there's a gap in how workers perceive green industries. Green skill gaps are especially severe in highly technical fields like automotive and renewable energy. Over half of respondents prefer working in a green industry, but only 14% would consider a "dirty" industry, even if it holds more potential for positive impact. Your role in bridging this gap is crucial. Seek employers who effectively communicate their green initiatives and share their green journey. Your contribution to a sustainable future starts with aligning your values with your workplace.

​Green jobs within the battery supply chain

Your Decision-Making Power

What influences your career decisions the most? According to the People-First Green Business Transformation survey, clear actions to address environmental issues are the top positive influence, while a poor environmental reputation is the most significant negative factor. As you embark on your green career journey, prioritize authenticity. Look for employers with a proven track record of environmental stewardship to ensure your values align with your workplace.

Generational Perspectives: Yes, You Can Make an Impact

If you're a Gen Z or Millennial worker, you're in sync with the belief that the green transition will positively impact your daily work. The enthusiasm is contagious, but even among the 55-74 age group, 44% believe in the positive effects of the green transition on their day-to-day work. Your commitment to sustainability is ageless, and your impact is invaluable.

Skills That Make You Green-Ready

What skills will set you apart in the green job market?

  • Addressing bias and social injustice (47%)

  • Leadership and management skills (33%)

  • Communication and collaboration skills (32%)

  • Information and technology skills (26%)

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills (25%)

  • Creativity and innovation skills (22%)

  • Awareness of the environmental impact of your role (20%)

Upskilling Made Easy

If you're concerned about lacking specific green skills, worry not. Forward-thinking employers are investing in their workforce by offering upskilling opportunities. Seek out companies that provide training programs, workshops, and resources to help you acquire the skills needed for green roles.

In conclusion, your journey into green careers is not just about finding a job; it's about joining a movement towards a sustainable future. Not only are green employment rewarding, but they are also essential to Malaysia's sustainable future development. Your impact is not only possible but necessary. Choose employers who share your values, embrace the green shift, and see your career flourish as you contribute to a better world. Your green career awaits, and the possibilities are endless.