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What A First-Time Job Seeker or A Fresh Graduate Should Do Before Applying For A Job?

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​What A First-Time Job Seeker or A Fresh Graduate Should Do Before Applying For A Job?

If you're a recent graduate, you're basically getting your feet wet in the job-hunting planet. There's a lot to learn—resumes, cover letters, application forms, etcetera. It can be both daunting and exciting at the same time.

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But where and how do you begin with your job search?

Discover your career interests

When looking for a job, it is critical to first understand yourself and your career aspirations. Being self-aware allows you to make more insightful and wise decisions during your job search. This allows you to play to your areas of strength and outline the key skill sets that you believe will benefit the organizations to which you apply.

Create a robust LinkedIn profile

Establishing a cohesive, captivating personal brand for yourself on LinkedIn is the key to enhancing your visibility among your classmates and have a standout profile. Your summary is the place to express yourself – your attributes, professionalism, and 'personal brand. It's your opportunity to explain why they should want you as an employee or in their professional network. This allows recruiters to determine if you'd be a great fit for their team.

Discover who is actively recruiting

Next, make sure to be aware of organizations that are employing and the types of roles and expertise they demand. One approach is to attend job fairs. Visit job fairs (even virtual ones) prior to actually beginning the job-search process to obtain knowledge and exposure about the hiring market. Seize the opportunity to communicate with individuals staffing the booths and request their name cards at the job fair.

Talk to them about the workplace culture and what they do in their sector. Also, inquire about career growth and the sorts of paper qualifications and experience required. Send them an email expressing your eagerness to join them; this demonstrates initiative and desire to engage in the profession.

Conversely, to gauge demand, browse social media pages and job sites for hiring ads. Applying to industry segments with a high demand for labor will significantly raise your chances of getting hired.

Approach recruitment agencies

When you're a graduate, it can be tricky to access the employment market. Figuring a company who will offer you an opportunity to shine with newly-acquired educational qualification but with little or no real-world experience is a challenging task! Recruitment firms connect competent job seekers with employers.

The great news is that you can use their services for free! When you sign up with a recruitment company, you'll usually be introduced to one of their recruiters, who will then act as a mediator between you and any potential employers.

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Networking is extremely important

Prior to graduation, start making as many connections as possible in your desired field. Not only will this increase your chances of securing a job, but those who know someone in the marketplace frequently land more highly desired positions than others who simply apply to job advertisements. 

Recent graduates with no connections who really are uncertain of their path will still do well, but they will need to spend those extra hours to look for their ideal role. LinkedIn is among the best spots for graduates to network, and for recruiters to identify you.

Explore Options Apart from Your Degree

Graduates believe they are restricted to the profession in which they earned their degree. While their degree will undoubtedly help them gain employment in that sector, they must not constrain themselves if they are interested in exploring other career paths. Many entry-level jobs require a general bachelor's degree, and your experience helps you progress more than your degree. Don't be worried to take a different route.

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