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Fresher? Consider Kick-Starting Your Career in Customer Service!

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​Fresher? Consider Kick-Starting Your Career in Customer Service!

You may have made assumptions about customer service based on your own conversations as a customer that lead you to believe the job is not for you. But I'm here to reveal that it can be an excellent first step toward a successful career.

Customer service is an interesting profession to start with, particularly now, that it is more significant for businesses to adopt a customer-centric mind-set. Also, customer service is one of those roles which never misses its sparkle, irrespective of age or period.

We will have customer support so long as there are companies providing goods and services. This role offers not only various learning opportunities, but also allows you to be a better version of yourself.

What is the role about?

Customer service involves being a kind, courteous, and professional face for the company. It also encompasses paying close attention to the wants and concerns of the customer.

Beyond listening, customer service involves doing everything in one's strength to satisfy each customer rapidly and efficiently.

There are a variety of customer service jobs, ranging from entry-level to manager. Here are the most common entry-level positions:

  • Customer Service Associate

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Customer Service Executive

  • Customer Support Executive

  • Call Centre Representative

Why work in customer service?

Have you ever applied for, or been interested in, a role in Customer Service? If not, here are some perks that may interest you to consider the role:


Customer service professions generally have different time schedule than a standard 9-5 job. You may be given the option of selecting the working time that are most convenient for you.

You also have the option of longer hours, and as we all understand, the more you work, the more income you earn at the end of every month.

Learning and Upskilling

Working in Customer Service provides you with learning opportunities and skills that can be transferred later in almost any position in your career.

Customer service prepares you for a wide range of functions, from operating under stress to effective communication, to problem solving, selling and marketing.

After all, customer service representatives are the subject-matter experts of any brand because they are the first point of interaction.

Among the most apparent - but is one of the most favorable - benefits of this type of profession is communication skills. Since you're constantly interacting with others, you're consistently honing your interpersonal skills and verbal ability.


What happens when you spend a full day chatting with others?

Of course, you develop strong bonds with them. It not only provides you with a variety of experiences and, but also, the opportunity to form a networking circle around yourself.

It will be beneficial to your career growth. They say “your network is your net worth”.

A job with a future

Aside from the features listed, we must emphasize the future of customer service as a profession that is ever-expanding.

Although some people still believe of customer service reps as individuals who are shouted at on the headset, this industry has grown so large that the range of responsibilities that need to be developed has grown significantly.

Having all that in mind, whether you aspire to a long career in the customer support space, or you’re simply eager to get your foot in the door at an innovative company, please reach out to ManpowerGroup Malaysia to get an update on the Customer Service roles that we’re currently hiring.

You can also visit our Job Portal to kick-start your search.

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