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The Most In-demand Digital Marketer Skills In 2021

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The Most In-demand Digital Marketer Skills In 2021

The digital marketing industry in Malaysia is booming (and, to be honest, expanding rapidly), and brands are putting even more emphasis on digital advertising than ever. People all over the world are having to cope with a new way of life as COVID-19 spreads around the globe. Though traditional retailers were already losing favors with customers, stay-at-home orders have effectively disrupted the industry.

Companies that have already begun to pivot to a digital marketplace are better positioned to thrive in this environment. However, having a functional website and an e-commerce store is just half the fight. Just as important is the ability to get customers to those product pages.

Thus, a digital marketer's role is continually evolving to keep up with the new technologies, tactics, and best - practices. It can be challenging for marketers to know which main skills they should work on during their careers because digital marketing now encompasses such a broad variety of core areas.

As brands recover and begin recruiting in the second half of 2021, digital marketing teams will prioritize candidates who can add the most value to a team. It's more crucial than ever for marketers to consider what key skills they already have and what additional training they require to become the most employable versions of themselves during this downturn.

Content Marketing

It's no coincidence that the first key skill on my list is content marketing. Being a successful content developer, in my view, is one of the most important skills for any digital marketer.

At the heart of any digital marketing strategy – whether it be social media marketing, search engine marketing, or email marketing – quality content fuels the performance for each of these mediums.

It's critical to be able to communicate high-quality content that engages, enlightens, and attracts the audience. One of the most important techniques for establishing a long-term partnership with your audience is to provide value through content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For digital marketers looking to advance their capabilities, it’s important to note that SEO is still a booming area to specialize in. From analyzing keywords, writing valuable content, properly structuring website schemas, creating backlinks, fixing site errors, and uncovering UX insights – the role plays a critical part in the success of any digital brand.

Social Media Marketing

With more social platforms available than ever, the role of social media marketing has become essential for brands looking to drive value from this medium. As the social media landscape constantly evolves with new channels, tools, strategies, and trends, the demand for highly skilled social media marketers has never been higher.

Data Analytics

This demand for data analysts extends beyond those who can easily handle a Google Analytics dashboard. Throughout each stage of the funnel, digital marketers must now consider how to better calculate conversion events across different channels, using various methods.

With more data being collected than ever before, marketers must be able to extract the requisite information in order to make well-informed decisions. Regardless of whether you're in charge of SEO, paid procurement, or content marketing, you should know how to use the data you have to shape the foundation of future plans.

UX Design

Most of us have come across the term user experience design, but few understand how much it influences our purchasing preferences and decision-making processes. If your online platform is difficult to use or visually appealing. If you’re are looking for an area of interest to specialize in, UX design can provide you with a high-value skill set that helps businesses harness the power of their entire marketing team.

Developing your knowledge of some of the above in-demand, transferable digital marketing skills can help you achieve professional success, whether you're in the early stages of your digital marketing career or want to find a specific field to excel in.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with these necessary skills, it’s time to prepare for the job-seeking process. There's no denying that finding a job in 2021 will be challenging, so if you’re looking to try a career in digital marketing, head over to our jobs portal to see the latest jobs in the labor market today.