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CVs To Stand Out - Tips For Mid-Career Professionals

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​CVs To Stand Out - Tips For Mid-Career Professionals

You may be considering making a career move. Maybe you want a growth opportunity in your current field. Or maybe you're interested in an entirely new industry. But as someone who's been in the workforce for several years, how do you condense years' worth of continuous education, experience, certifications, and awards into one streamlined format that tells the story of your career and achievements? For those in need of a proper mid-career resume, it's important to understand the components that potential employers look for and appreciate.

Include a link to your LinkedIn profile

Help recruiters find the right information about you on social platforms & make sure they are regularly maintained, professional, and support your current job goals

Make your job goals are clear

Highlight your job goals by including a professional title above your career summary that states your target job title so the reader knows exactly what type of role you’re are seeking. Explain in your career summary how you’ll be the perfect fit for the new role by tabulating relevant skillsets.

Core skills should be highlighted at the top

Your goal is to give the reader a snapshot of your goals and qualifications within that first portion of your resume. By identifying the right keywords found in the job descriptions of your target role and incorporating them into your resume as you’ll have a better shot at getting past the gatekeepers.

Numbers, numbers, and numbers

Quantify the scope of your roles, your notable contributions, and your accomplishments to give the reader a better sense of what your position entailed and how you were able to deliver results. Use numbers in the bulleted section of each job position to add context to your achievements. (Examples)

Focus on what matters to each specific employer

Instead of creating a laundry list of former employers, focus on your most relevant former jobs. At this point in your career, you can drop the part-time jobs you held as a college student and recent grad. Dedicate the space to positions that directly relate to the role you are applying for.

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