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Three Ways to help People #SmartRestart

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The world is never going to be the same as it was before COVID-19. Even when COVID-19’s impact is diminished and you got the green light to be able to restart again, you still have to choose if, how, and when to reboot yourself.

1. Embrace new way of working


Digital skills

Enhance your digital skills to leverage on smart tools and tech, which level the playing field for all workers – not just for those who were equipped to work
remote anyway. As an example, the use of software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack and many more.

From my own experiences, I see that many tutors for example, cannot work during this pandemic, as they cannot go out and teach their students. So they have to work
remotely from home and teach using platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom, Slack and many more and continue to make sure that they can reach their students.



Enable collaboration but also ensure data security and privacy by explaining to workers that everyone is responsible for protecting data, while initiating practices and procedures that will strengthen data security within a business to curb breach problems.


See the upside

Think of remote work as not a challenge to overcome but a business advantage to achieve. By not tying work to a physical location, we democratize opportunity and open-up a world of new possibilities.

It also teaches us to be more disciplined and in charge of our time management. It simply gives us more freedom and consequently more responsibility and accountability.


Focus on outputs

Managers emphasized that “being seen” as a proxy for how committed an online worker is to an organization. Focus on output, not online presenteeism. Ensure clear
output targets are set as the measure, rather than being hung-up on specific hours.


2. Remember that leadership is key in the times of crisis


Lead by example

Prepared and responsible leadership is critical to react promptly and competently in a time of crisis. Leaders are able to help people by providing suggestions, materials and support to make sure that is no one left aside.

If you are a junior employee, you too can lead by example. Not all leaders need titles.


Clear communications

If you are a leader, remember that you should be visible in online tools and channels, communicating proactively and engaging in timely conversations where they are happening.

Townhalls, online conferences really help to ensure the clear communication between leaders all people in the organization.


Share your thoughts

Consider how new ways of working and getting work done can contribute to industry transformation, redesigning business models and diversifying supply chains and markets that will benefit the business in the long-term.

Always think to share with workers on how the company is strategizing for the better future of all people in the company. Show them that even it is tough in this new working style, we still be able to strive in the market.


3. Stay focused on reskilling and upskilling


Reskilling and upskilling

For many of us who are fortunate that we are still working, our job scopes have evolved. Apply and adapt to new roles and new ways of working. Time spent working remotely can provide an opportunity to explore and develop skills while all of we work through this together.

Here I can recommend you get your free access to Percipio for a highly engaging learning experience curated into nearly 700 learning paths. Get ready for more training to move digital. Webinars and online tutorials “solve” the theme of compresence. Quizzes and tests allow companies to verify learning
and keep the engagement curve high.


Support a culture that enables people to nurture their learnability and continually update their skills. The Skills Revolution we predicted is here, it is happening now, ensuring people re-skill, upskill is how companies will stay competitive, and people will be motivated and engaged, bringing value for the long-term.

We can start to think through scenarios and your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to develop a new view of advantage points to smart restart during this pandemic time. Lay out the facts of the current situation and see where you can gain benefits.

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13 July 2020

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Nadhirah Afiqah - Marketing Assistant