Will Work Change Forever & How Are We Adapting to The New Normal?

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Will Work Change Forever & How Are We Adapting to The New Normal?

It’s the new normal. The day of the normal work environment are gone. People are adapting to the changes as the result of Covid-19. Work from home or remote working are part of the new reality.

Many of office workers around the world have not seen their desks for months. Social distancing, with extra hygiene measures, new SOP guidelines to workplace or other solutions must be implemented since workers in some countries are slowly returning to their desks.

The pandemic has shown us that we can easily work from home. We rely on email, chats, and videoconferencing to communicate with colleagues. I think this kind of work life has made us more connected to each other.

Some say social media and technology is making us more isolated, I think we can have more interactions with distant family members through WhatsApp and Facebook and reconnect with college and school mates.

It helps us go through these difficult times. I also connecting with my colleagues through Microsoft Teams and we will make a topic and discuss with each other so it strengthen our bonds even though we are not in the office.

We’re social creatures, we want interaction, we are hungry to share experiences and feelings with others. Now we have the opportunities to connect with the people whom we care about, whom we spent time together before, family, friends and acquaintances.

Online yoga classes, virtual runs, birthday parties. Videoconferencing shows that the beauty of technology and social media are important tools to adapt with the new normal.

We still can see each other even though it’s not often. We still can be active.

I know. These activities are not the same as physical interactions we had before but they are the second best ways humanity has ever had.

As the work changes, it makes us be more creative about how we do things. People are picking up to have more conversations rather than sending emails as human connection is far more likeable through videoconferencing.

I believe that the most amazing thing is the incredible power of human endeavour. At ManpowerGroup globally we have 90% of our workforce that operating from home yet we continue to support our employees, associates and clients. Working from home is part of contemporary working now.

We’ve been more in touch with our employees, associates and clients in the last month that we’ve done before. Because of the obscurities everyone is facing, we want to provide more value for people.

Limitations only happen in our minds. Even though Covid-19 has invaded our lives, so many more things are possible to survive with the changes.

22 May 2020

Posted by:

Nadhirah Afiqah - Marketing Assistant