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How To Write a Proper Job Application Email?

How To Write A Proper Job Application Email

How To Write a Proper Job Application Email?


Applying for a job can be a difficult and a daunting task for anybody especially for those who are young and have just graduated. Some say the most daunting thing about applying for a job is actually sending in the resume.

You probably can relate to the little panic attack that you got after hitting the ‘send’ button when you’ve already emailed your resume to a potential employer.

Nowadays, in this era of digital transformation, nobody uses traditional mail anymore to send in their job applications (although sometimes it might be a good differentiator form other candidates). The rise of new technologies has changed the way how candidates communicate with employers. Social media, job hunting websites, and not to forget the use of email as a standard of sending job applications. So, because on a daily basis we receive many applications, we decided to share a few tips to help you with your next application email.

What is job application email?

It’s an email that provides complete information about your experience and skills to a recruiter or a hiring manager in a quick or simplified manner. It is a unique way to convey your interest in a particular job in an organisation.

How to make your email stand out from the crowd?

Hiring managers receive a ton of emails every day. Many job application emails are so terribly written that hiring managers do not even bother opening any attachments. So here are a few suggestions to improve your next application email:

1.   Proper email subject line

To make your email appeal to the eyes of the hiring manager, include your name and the job title you are applying for in the email subject line. They receive so many emails and by doing this, you make their work easier.

2.   Correct salutation

Address your email to the specific person who can be determined by reviewing the company’s website, LinkedIn pages or calling the front office to ask whom should you address in the email. If for some reason you cannot determine the ideal receiver of your application you may generalize the salutation by saying, “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Recruiting Manager” or “Dear Human Resources Manager”.

3.   Keep it short and simple

Keep it brief and just write relevant content about you and why the job is suitable for you. Nobody wants to read a lengthy email with irrelevant content.

4.   Correct format

Neat and organised job application email significantly increases the chances of it being read by the employer. Do not forget to leave proper space between paragraphs and make sure it’s free from grammatical errors.

A job application email might be the first thing for an employer to build an image of you and proceed to look at your resume. It explains to the hiring manager what makes you a potential candidate for the job vacancy. It also gives an insight into why are you interested in the job vacancy, your career summary and how you are keen for the job.