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​How to stay sane in a toxic work environment?

​How To Stay Sane In A Toxic Work Environment

​How To Stay Sane In a Toxic Work Environment?


In one huge study published in Harvard Business Review, analysts gathered information from meetings and studies of around 14,000 individuals to understand how common is incivility at work.

Research has shown that it is almost impossible to be untouched by incivility during one’s career.

Common examples of incivility include taking credit for other’s efforts, passing blame for our own mistakes, talking down to others, belittling others and many more. Bad behaving employees promote bad work culture. Some people like their job but their co-workers or managers drive them crazy! It’s a sign to leave if you cannot endure such an environment but it might be worth hanging a little longer in certain circumstances. Here are the few tips to stay sane in a toxic workplace.


Create a Positive Workspace for Yourself

Hang posters that are relaxing to you. Put up pictures of your loved ones at your working station. If that is not your thing, you can consider motivational quotes instead of photos. You got to surround yourself with things that will create a positive aura around you. After all, positivity is a mental state which can be motivated with certain cues.


Communicate and Clear Up Any Misunderstandings

Do not allow issues to rot. On the off chance that something should be talked about, address it promptly at that point of time. Avoid sweeping concerns under the carpet as they may transform into something you never expected to.

Communication is of the utmost importance just like in any relationship. Sometimes it all it takes is a few minutes conversation to address a long term grudge.


Stay Away From Drama

Don’t get caught up in gossip or drama. Do you want to be drama free? Don’t mingle with the gossiping co-workers. Of course, you still want to be friendly with your colleagues, but you can do that by talking to them one-on-one or chatting with them during the course of your workday without joining a gossip group. You also need to differentiate which conversations are part of the job and which are only opportunities to gripe.


In any toxic workplace, there will be employees behaving badly toward one another. It will be harmful to the work culture when people start talking bad about each other. "Drama" is also bound to happen in any workplace. Everyone will get caught up in it at some point. Stay positive, focus on work, productivity and results.