​How Do I Make My Mark When I’m New at Work?

How Do I Make My Mark When I’m New At Work

How Do I Make My Mark When I’m New at Work?

“First impressions make long-term lasting impression,” as said by Brandi Britton, district president for Office Team in an article by FairyGodBoss. She also explained "If you make a great first impression and you make mistakes down the road, people are more likely to forgive you. It is harder to overcome when you start off on the wrong foot and then make yourself look better later on.”

You got the job after going through rounds of interviews. You’ve signed the papers and yay! As you’re a new employee, all eyes will be set on you. But how do you want to make your mark when you’re the new guy/gal at work?


1. Meet People You Wouldn’t Normally Meet


Getting to know co-workers outside of your department will help you understand the organisation more and its culture clearly. Introduce yourself to colleagues you haven’t officially met. Be respectful and friendly. Your goal is not only to gain knowledge about the firm but also make progress in building your personal network. If you run across someone in the pantry or hallway, start a small talk. The pantry is a particularly good place to socialize, since it's a rather casual environment where people probably will be more open for a chat because they're not focused on work.


2. Become an Expert on Company Processes


The absence of real work means you have time to learn systems, get your inbox in order and prepare for what surely to come. See if there is research and reading you can do for the first assignment that lands on your desk. Your ability to do your work effectively will come down to how well you understand the processes and how organised you are.

It is also important to understand how different the new environment is from the ones that you experienced before. Be attentive and listen carefully to what the current company challenges and objectives are. Remember, not everything that worked well in your previous job will fit into new frameworks.

3. Be Proactive

Challenge yourself and get involved in project that can highlight your skills on the field. After all onw of the best ways to learn is by doing. Whether you can help your manager or a member of your team can position you as an expert in a certain area. Set aspiring objectives for yourself, move in the direction of achieving those objectives by taking initiative upon consulting key stakeholders. You do not want to make certain actions prior to talking to your boss since he or she will probably have a more holistic view of the project at hand.

It is a new journey! You need to get a feel for your new organisation and its culture to fit in the new workplace. In the first month, you can allocate your time to learn about company's systems, processes by reading collateral and building connections with as many people as possible. Getting to know people and making friends with colleagues will help you understand more about "how the things get done around here". Start getting your hands dirty by taking the initiative of contributing to certain projects. That will help you build your image and will have a big role on the first impression you make on all project stakeholders.