Welder Technician

Location Malaysia
Discipline Industrial and Manufacturing
Job reference 161930
Contact name Nurul Husna Binti Adzhar
Contact email [email protected]
Contact no. 03-20870000
Contact email [email protected]
Contact no. +60320870000

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Perform daily check to welding equipments / machines / weld head / torch / gas piping and work area to meet UCTM standard.
  • Ensure 6S requirement daily (before start & end of shift).
  • Create 'Weld Coupons' daily before start of production.
  • Execute Work Order as per prioritized by Production Planner.
  • Ensure all 'Kitted' components including bent tubes, as per print (Production Drawing)
  • Validate all 'Kitted' components including bent tubes is in OK condition before start the job.
  • Weld the joints as per print requirement :
  • Type of Joint / Weld Bead size (if any) / Start or End (if any) / Overlap Length (if any)
  • Verify the welded assembly product to be in OK condition :
a) Check the Welding Appearance (NO Discoloration outer & inner)
b) Check the Welding Bead (NO abnormality : cross check with daily coupons)
c) Randomly check for Welding Penetration (Boroscope / Glass method)
d) Ensure product required dimensions is achieve
  • START & STOP all Work Order by SAP Systems in real time manner.
  • Report any abnormality or an issue that arises in your work place to your lead or supervisor.

Educational/Certification Requirement: 
  • Certificate / Diploma in Welding Technology from certified institute by MQA
  • Good interpretation in reading and understanding Technical Drawings
  • Ability to uses Metrology Instruments : Vernier Caliper,Height Gauge,Micrometer, Ruler, etc.

Experience Requirement: 
  • Minimum 1 year experience in manufacturing/aerospace/engineering industry
  • Able to comprehend electrical / mechanical drawings
  • Able to read & understand "Weld Symbol" requirements
  • Able to perform welding process as per requirement
  • Able to work in cleanroom environment; wearing jumpsuits, safety helmet and safety shoes
  • Willing to commit to the shift pattern and OT if required