Telemarketing executive

Location Malaysia
Job reference 168035
Salary 2500.0
Contact name Nur Sabeela Binti A B Mohamed Iqbal
Contact email [email protected]
Contact no. 03-20870000
Telemarketing Executive

Salary: RM2,500 can earn up to RM5,000
Location: Bangsar South

Job descriptions:
  • Telemarketing executives are expected to make 120 calls a day, achieving a cumulative total of four hours talk time.
  • A call that results in a sale may take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • Execs can view a complete customer profile when they make a call.
  • Execs need to sell benefits, overcome objections, collect data, and input into the company’s systems.
  • Execs need to maintain quality standards in the spoken word, accuracy, privacy, and experience.
  • All calls are recorded and monitored by a quality assurance team.
  • Some Execs who are accurate, prompt, and performative but not great sales folks may work in one of the Completion teams.
  • These are teams who follow-up with customers to obtain documents and details to complete customer product applications.

  • Minimum ONE year’s experience in Telemarketing.
  • Minimum ONE year experience in working with Banking products.
  • Ideally, minimum ONE year’s experience selling banking products in a Bank/Bank Outsourced Call Centre.
  • Consider someone without Banking experience if they have exceptional sales skills.
  • Good with MSFT Office, mostly word and excel skills required. We use Google Workspaces.

Send your resume to [email protected] or [email protected]