Location Malaysia
Discipline Manufacturing & Logistics
Job reference 162493
Contact name Muhamad Aiman Bin Zulkepli
Contact email [email protected]
Contact no. 03-20870000

Conduct repair work and administration duties according to Porsche Standards. Invoice sufficient hours to maintain a profitable business.



  • Ensure that standard work times are adhered.
  • Ensure that time clock in & clock out are completed for each job repair.
  • Ensure that superiors are informed of possible absence before the start of work.
  • Ensure that Malaysian Health and Safety requirements are followed.
  • Ensure that instructions from superiors are followed without attitude.
  • Unattended vehicle keys must be placed in the KMS at all times.
  • Follow, validate and complete work instructions provided on Repair Orders according to Porsche Standards
  • Complete PQIS lines with detailed information for all repairs (including Retail and Warranty)
  • Create and provide Parts and Labour quotations for additional work that may be found during a repair.
  • Create and transmit Vehicle Analysis Logs (VAL) for every repair
  • Create and attach Battery Check Sheets for every repair
  • Ensure completeness of Service Maintenance Sheets, Warranty Inspection and Grey Market Sheets for every associated repair
  • Read all PPN news along with Technical and Workshop Information.
  • Ensure that repairs are completed according to Porsche Standards.
  • Maintain a high repair standard to ensure a one-time fix.
  • Report in writing any repair or defect which may render a vehicle unsafe.
  • Take appropriate precautions to ensure vehicles are not damaged while under repair
  • Ensure that vehicles are fitted to battery chargers while under repair
  • Technicians must use the hoist/work bay assigned to them.
  • Vehicles which are disabled must be removed from hoist to enable the next repair to begin.
  • Must take care to use all special tools and hand tools in how they were intended and in a responsible manner.
  • Must report defective tools or equipment to the responsible Team Leader.
  • Must ensure that all tools and equipment are put away at the end of each working day.
  • Must complete the online learning path as instructed by the workshop Foreman.
  • Must be available for Instructor lead training, as advised by the workshop Team Leader / Foreman
  • Must ensure that prerequisite online training is completed by the deadline as instructed by the Team Leader / Foreman.
  • Ensure that any Qualification test is worked on and ready before the deadline time.
  • Must maintain average productivity of 85% productivity
  • Must maintain utilization above 70%.
  • Must complete administration duties directly after completing a repair.
  • Responsibility for Environment, Safety and Health to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, whilst complying with the legal requirement.


Education / Professional Qualification
  • Diploma/Degree in Automotive Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Professional Experience
  • At least 3 years’ experience as technicians in the automotive industry

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