Industry Specialist

Location Kuala Lumpur
Discipline Agriculture
Job reference 166151
Salary 28000.0
Contact name Prabu Raja

Industry Specialist 

Salary: RM28,000


  • Support build and refinement of client’s overall approach and toolkit to underwrite customers in healthcare/oil palm sector in Malaysia.

  • Support relationship managers and credit teams in deal evaluation and execution.

  • Drive greater collaboration across client's Group (domestic and regional) and solidify regional opportunities (within client's Group risk appetite) from existing clients to maximize profitability of existing relationships.

  • As a subject matter expert, to provide inputs and comments related to healthcare/oil palm sector to ensure risks involved in this specialized financing is well mitigated and the client’s interest is protected

  • Source data, benchmarks and market intelligence on key risk drivers for risk assessment to build sufficient capacity in the client such that the data and benchmarks can be sourced by the client's staff themselves through trainings and coaching.



Scope & Complexity

  • Define and articulate foundational approach to underwrite deals in healthcare/oil palm and related sectors covering end to end process i.e. risk assessment and evaluation, deal structuring and post disbursal monitoring

  • Update and refine the current sectoral underwriting guide by leveraging industry experience and insights which will include the target market and risk acceptance criteria within the industry

  • Support development of tools required to aid in the underwriting (e.g. formulating cash flow forecasting tool for healthcare/oil palm related)

  • Translate underwriting guide into credit application form to help in individual deal evaluation.

  • Review and refine sector covenant library for sufficiency and appropriateness.



  • Conduct regular internal trainings covering different parts of healthcare/oil palm and related industries for deal underwriting and evaluation.

  • Create an overall industry guide on the sector (deep dive on the industry fundamentals with emerging trends)

  • On quarterly basis disseminate outlook and news on the sector to keep abreast with recent sector development

  • Support relationship managers in risk assessment of the deal and evaluation of risk drivers through: -

  • On-site field visits

  • Customer and stakeholder interviews

  • Provision of data and benchmarks

  • Support in deal structuring taking into account customer situation, needs and client's offerings by liaising with customer, relationship managers and client's product team

  • Review and coach relationship manager on credit memos preparation articulating key risks and mitigates reinforced with data and benchmarks

  • Support relationship managers in deal approval process by presenting case to the approving authority / committee where required.


Interpersonal Skills

  • Source data, benchmarks and market intelligence on the following categories (not exhaustive):

  • Supply and demand forecasts for the project covering different factors under both demand and supply such emerging technologies and understand environmental impacts.

  • Project economics covering expected revenues and estimated project costs (earthwork cost, building costs, administrative costs, etc.). The benchmark data should provide reasonable assurance / challenge to the customer provided estimates.

  • Quality and track record of the contractors engaged in the development of the technologies/resources.

  • Above categories are not exhaustive and depending on need the applicant may be required in other areas for risk assessment.

  • Link the data, benchmarks and market intelligence to risk drivers within the underwriting guide to evaluation criteria and insights.

  • Collate the data, benchmarks and market intelligence as part of repository to create ready source of information to access within the bank.



Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Business Administration/Economics or equivalent.

Professional Accreditation:

  • Pass Certified Credit Professional (CCP)

  • Pass Omega’s Credit Skill Assessment (CSA)

  • AICB Certification

  • Min 10 years’ experience in managing healthcare/oil palm exposure in established corporate/financial institution.

Other skills required:

  • Excellent marketing/business prospecting and negotiation skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Driven, goal oriented and possess strong relationship management skills

  • Good understanding of the intricacies of healthcare and its related industries and complex financing structure available to the industry.

  • Direct/related experience in raising capital/finance or in original/evaluation of deals related to healthcare and related industries.

  • Good understanding of the Group’s strategic objectives, market segment landscape and ability to apply this knowledge to both domestic and regional markets

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