Customer Support E-commerce-Japanese

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Salary 0.0
Consultant name Yu Akiyama
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Contact name Yu Akiyama

Customer Support E-commerce-Japanese

【語学力不問!!新卒・未経験歓迎】カスタマーサポート /RM7000+月毎のワークパフォーマンスによる手当あり、その他ベネフィット充実/ 日・月休み / 勤務地:KLCC


ヨーロッパに本社を置き世界29か国に拠点のある外資系企業様です。 全世界では50,000名の社員がおり、うちマレーシアには約350名が所属しています。











  • 語学力を伸ばしたいもしくは生かしたい方、歓迎

  • 未経験者応募可能

  • 最終学歴:高校卒業+職歴5年以上(就労ビザの申請のため)









  • 9-18時/14-23時 2交代制勤務

  • インセンティブ:パフォーマンスによりベーシックの最大16%(ベーシックRM6000)

  • 休日:週休2日制(日・月)、祝日(休みまたは別途手当支給)

  • 有給休暇(15日)

  • 病気休暇(15日)

  • 育児休暇・介護休暇: 3日間/年 、誕生日休暇あり

  • 保険: 入院費負担

  • フレックス補助金: 最大3000RM/年(病院診察代・書籍代・PCや携帯の購入時に利用可)

  • 就労ビザ発行

  • マレーシアまでの片道航空券

  • マレーシア到着後1週間のホテル滞在可能

  • ジム補助金: 建物内にあるジム利用100RM まで会社負担

  • 社内英語レッスンあり(週1回受講可能

No language skills required! !! New graduates / inexperienced welcome] Customer support / RM7000 + monthly work performance allowance, other benefits / Sunday / monthly holidays / Work location: KLCC

A foreign-affiliated company headquartered in Europe with offices in 29 countries around the world. There are 50,000 employees worldwide, of which about 350 belong to Malaysia.

The office in Kuala Lumpur is a cozy company with an environment where employees can work happily.

[What kind of work? ]

Answer inquiries on a famous e-commerce by e-mail, phone, chat, etc.

After joining the company, we have a well-developed training system, so even inexperienced people can start work with peace of mind.

[Points of work]

The office of a well-known foreign-affiliated company in KLCC will be the place of work. During work, we mainly speak Japanese, but we also have other language teams so you can work in a multinational environment.

【Qualification requirements】

  • Welcome to those who want to improve or utilize their language skills

  • Inexperienced people can apply

  •  Final education: High school graduate + 5 years or more of work experience (for applying for a work visa)

[Welcome to these people]

★ Those who want to learn English. There is also an environment where you can learn English locally, such as an English school or an migrant community.


Monthly salary RM7000 + monthly work performance allowance

* Determined after the interview in consideration of experience and ability.

  • 9-18 o'clock / 14-23 o'clock 2 shift work

  • Incentive: Up to 16% of basic depending on performance (basic RM6000)

  • Holidays: 2 days a week (Sunday / Monday), public holidays (holiday or separate allowance)

  • Paid leave (15 days)

  • Sick leave (15 days)

  • Childcare leave / nursing leave: 3 days / year, birthday leave available

  • Insurance: Hospitalization fee burden

  • Flex subsidy: Up to 3000RM / year (available when purchasing hospital consultation fees, book fees, PCs and mobile phones)

  • Issuance of work visa

  • One-way ticket to Malaysia

  • You can stay at the hotel for one week after arriving in Malaysia

  • Gym subsidy: Company pays up to 100RM for using the gym in the building

  • In-house English lessons available (can be taken once a week)