BDM - Business Development Manager

Location Selangor
Job reference 162010
Salary 5000
Contact name Alvin Yew Leng Lee

BDM - Business Development Manager

General Purpose

The Business Development Executive is required to identify sales leads, pitch goods and services to new and existing associates plus customer while maintaining a good working relationship with everyone. He/she is must be able to communicate new sale/business development initiatives to prospective customers/associates, manage all events/activities initiated by the corporate office, be involved in field works and trainings, develop marketing literature/materials, prepare necessary reports and sales analysis for the GM and corporate office.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for supporting the needs of our independent associates in order to achieve maximum sales and the independent associates count growth.

  • Effectively form a partnership with independent associates & leaders by providing sales management counseling, motivation, recognition and educational support during their field activities.

  • Serves as liaison between the independent associates and the company and educate the independent associates on sales incentives, product knowledge, compensation plan, etc.

  • Work closely with the GM on designing promotions and incentive programs for associates

  • Lead all sales & marketing initiatives by the company and brief the customer support team on such initiatives

  • Maintain and upkeep all company digital/social media channels/tools (FB Page, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp Groups, etc.)

  • Takes charge of the training and development needs of the independent associates through the performance of the following functions:

  • Ensuring delivery and completion of training programs for all pin rank independent associates of the company. • Conducting regular training and development programs to the newly recruited and existing independent associates that is aligned with strategies of the company (both physical and digital)

  • Conduct assessment and analysis of the effectiveness of all training programs vs. sales performance.

  • Conduct Train the Trainer (TTT) program in developing and coaching Leaders-in-Charge (LIC) to conduct and execute their regular training sessions in the office.

  • Facilitate all relevant educational and sales events such as: Corporate Talks, Medical Symposium, Max Opportunity Meeting, virtual trainings and all events approved by the GM and organized by the company

  • Provides support in implementing sales-related activities through the following functions: • Identifies and recommends sales activities and programs to ensure continuous Independent Associate’s development and meet the changing demands of the local business.

  • Coordinate with independent associate leaders on group sales activities and marketing incentive to boost associates’ group/team performance

  • Assisting corporate office in organizing sales or marketing activities such as Anniversary Event, Quarterly Associates’ Meeting and Recognition, Road to Gold, Conventions, etc.

  • Performs administrative tasks customer order processing (during out of office events) prepare all necessary monthly reports for the GM and corporate office

  • Perform field visits within Malaysia and out of Malaysia to assist and train associates to conduct their Max Opportunity Meetings and other field activities

  • Monitoring of Associate’s performance and other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Marginial Duties and Responsibilities

  • Source and customize merchandises for events • Booking of venue and payment arrangement for all company events

  • Assist customer support during heavy traffic and events

  • Make travel arrangements for the GM and other corporate leaders

  • Assist in upkeeping the training room (AV) and all training equipment

Nature of Work Contact

  • Work closely with field leaders to identity their needs and current issues in order to provide necessary solutions and support

  • Work closely with vendors/suppliers/event management companies/event hall/venue managements in order to manage all events • Work closely with the General Manager and customer support team and provide all necessary updates on field visits/calls