about 1 month ago - Nadhirah Afiqah

Common and Toughest Challenge for Every Candidate


​Common and Toughest Challenge for Every Candidate

Being Nervous!

This is very common and practically everyone feels nervous when it comes to an interview, at least once. There are many reasons for one to be nervous before, during and even after an interview and it varies between different people.

Fundamentally, it comes to these two reasons below: -

· You ask too many questions of yourself before the interviewer does.

· You overthink the possibility of being unable to answer questions that will be asked in an interview.

Ask yourself too many questions.

This limits your creativity and readiness in an interview. Being too prepared will make you fixed with a set of questions and any question out of the box might be a challenge.

How to overcome: Let the interviewer ask all the questions. As soon as you in the building or waiting at the virtual lobby, stay calm and allow yourself to be open. You need to keep your mind away from any blocks so that the question that comes has access to your mind.


Conflict toward self-confidence. Overthinking never helps during interviews. This happens when you recall your previous interview session. Remember, each and every interview comes with different questions despite some standard questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “Share about your achievement” or “Where do you see yourself”.

How to overcome: Be prepared with common interview questions. Structured some of your best achievements, problems you’ve overcome and leadership scenarios. Typically, a common interview comes around questions within this scope. Avoid stressing up by overthinking possible questions, if there is during interview you should be able to respond with creativity.