4 months ago - Nadhirah Afiqah

Embracing Prosperity and Unity: A Vibrant Q1 Town Hall at ManpowerGroup Malaysia

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Embracing Prosperity and Unity: A Vibrant Q1 Town Hall at ManpowerGroup Malaysia

Our recent Town Hall was not just a meeting; it was a symphony of joy, celebration, and unity that resonated through every corner of our office. It is filled with exciting announcements, recognition, and the promise of growth. We also have the Lion Dance, with its vibrant colors and rhythmic beats, served as a metaphor for our collective journey—embracing prosperity, unity, and happiness.

Let's dive into the highlights that make us proud to be part of this thriving community.

CNY Angpao Extravaganza!

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, joy resonated throughout the office as each employee received a special CNY Angpao. A token of prosperity and unity, setting the tone for a year of collective success.

Q2 Goals and Sales Expectations

During the organization updates, we were thrilled to learn about the ambitious goals set for Q2. With a firm belief in the capabilities of every individual, a rallying call echoed through the halls – "We can all contribute to the revenue growth of the company!" Everyone can do sales, even if you're not in sales. The challenge is embraced, and we're ready to exceed expectations.

Promotions and Employee Movements

Recognizing dedication and hard work, promotions were announced, propelling employees to new heights in their careers. Movements within the company were also highlighted, showcasing the dynamic nature of our workforce.

Heartfelt Welcomes

A warm welcome was echoed for our newest team members. Their arrival brings fresh perspectives and skills that contribute to the diverse tapestry of our company culture.

Awards and Global Recognition

The spotlight shone brightly on Aki and Yurie, winners of the prestigious Global Manpower Perm Cup competition. Their excellence will take them to London, providing a unique opportunity to meet with senior leadership. Additionally, a round of applause for Nabila and Velmurugen, winners of the Google Review contest, highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

DEIB Initiative Launch

Stepping into a more inclusive future, we proudly launched our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiative. Together, we commit to fostering an environment where everyone's unique qualities are not only recognized but celebrated.

Then, we had yee sang (prosperity toss) and lion dance for this year's Chinese New Year celebration.

We had a fantastic time celebrating Chinese New Year in the office! The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as we came together to enjoy traditional festivities, delicious food, and vibrant decorations.