• 299 Candidates

    299 Candidates

    Access to a list of 299 candidates across a variety of in demand skills

  • Available On Short Notice

    Available On Short Notice

    These candidates are searching for opportunities right now and eager to join a new company

  • Could Relocate

    Could Relocate

    The list will provide you information on the candidates relocation preferences within Malaysia

  • Salary Expectations

    Salary Expectations

    The list will show you what each of these candidates expects as a salary

  • In the list you will get information on exceptional candidates we have identified and developed relationship with. Some of them we have employed on projects with our clients across Malaysia.

  • Right now they are eagerly looking for opportunities and have proven themselves to be reliable and committed.

  • We have removed their personally identifiable information in compliance with PDPA. However, if you are interested in knowing more about any of the candidates, our Prospect Development Specialist will give you a call and share the terms of becoming our client.

Candidates' Profiles