Production Test Technician 2-4

Location Pulau Pinang
Discipline Manufacturing & Logistics
Job reference Production Test Technician_Izni
Salary Negotiable
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​Production Test Technician 2-4

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Job Responsibilities:

·        Install components/hardware by referring to drawings and Cell Fusion procedures and utilizing; utilize all resources available including inspecting the tool, reviewing the pass down, and, cross-referencing with sister tools to identify components correct hand tools, parts and fixtures; escalate non-conforming parts and procedures as needed

·        Access and update Configuration Editor settings by utilizing sales order/BOM (SAP)

·        Set up specialized equipment (leak checker/dummy load/bird watt meter/VI Probe) by gathering required fixtures; Measure resistance/continuity/voltage by using
digital multi-meters

·        Write tasks on non-conformance issues internal (NCi's), coordinate with PSS as required, and identify issues and improvements; escalate to appropriate individuals/ departments as needed

·        Perform leak checks (vacuum, water, pressure decay) by utilizing appropriate equipment (i.e. fixtures) and procedures (Cell Fusion and KM Matrix); verify check completed by utilizing I-marking, SQIP marks, and use of Swagelok go/no go gauges

·        Understand/Report/Document/Review tool status and find tool information by utilizing various SAP commands; set up specialized equipment by gathering required fixtures and use the proper escalation path

·        Create detailed MFG tasks covering skipped steps, document abnormal conditions and tool reminder

Other Responsibilities

Safety Protocol:

·        Complete all required safety training

·        Follow safe work practices by lifting no more than 35 pounds, using ergonomic pads, stretching when needed, etc.

·        Adhere to personal/ and product safety guidelines by:

o   utilizing appropriate PPE following clean room procedures

o   following Lockout Tagout policies and procedures (LOTO and ZEST)

o   utilizing fixtures (lift hoists, lift track, gantry cranes, lifting tool) to aid in the assembly of tools

·        Perform Risk Management By Walking Around (RMBWA) inspections and document, correct and/or escalate safety issues/hazards to appropriate



Communicate verbally/writing in English to appropriate contacts in a timely manner to:

o   develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.

o   ensure workflow and keep to the production schedule.

Minimum Qualification

·        Associates degree in electronics or related field required and/or equivalent military experience that includes electronics, such as avionics technician

·        1 to 6 years of semiconductor capital equipment industry depending on level

·        Effective written and verbal communication skills in English

·        Squat, kneel, walk, climb, stand and operate in ergonomically- challenging positions for over50% of time

·        Able to lift 35 pounds and perform repetitive motions using hands and various hand tools

·        Distinguish between colors for wire identification

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